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2016: A Blow to Technocratic Socialism

In 2016, a fissure opened up in the seemingly impenetrable rockface of stultifying Technocratic Socialism. That is unequivocal progress, but it’s also only the beginning of what is going to be a long, uneven, and probably messy global realignment.

The Capitalism Delusion

Little more than a cursory and objective glimpse into the nature of our economic system for the past number of decades, right up to the 2008 crash, and indeed since 2008, will show that unfettered free market capitalism could not have been responsible for the global financial crisis, because unfettered free market capitalism did not […]

The myth of ‘regulation’

Unregulated economies are a mess. They’re bound to generate harmful excesses, blow up bubbles, create unpredictable business cycles, and render producers confused and entrepreneurs lacking guidance to make sustainable and successful decisions. Our economies need to be micro-managed, scrutinised and guided by intelligent leaders. Success can only come by astute planning. We simply cannot abide […]