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Busting Deflation Myths

The fear of deflation is sweeping across the globe. By ‘globe’ I really mean the clique of elite policy makers, bankers and the economists they employ. The rest of us mere mortals are positively chuffed about deflation – whoever said “no” to lower prices? So why are policy makers and economists so scared of deflation? […]

Why credit ratings matter

If the South African government does not tighten its belt, sooner or later it will be forced to do so – or embark on a course of reckless borrowing and/or printing money to fund itself. The consequences of the latter choice, as Zimbabwe showed, can be dire.

Why Zero Interest Rates Can Never Work

Setting interest rates artificially low causes the demand for credit to surge, while the supply of credit falls, resulting in a shortage of real loans. The only sound remedy to this is to let interest rates rise to their market-determined level or face economic disaster.