Enabling Economic Freedom in South Africa

My friends Jedd and Janelle Schroy, founders of Paradigm Shift, are empowering entrepreneurs all over South Africa to take their micro-enterprises to the next level. They are doing this by partnering with local churches to provide business training, micro-finance, and mentoring for SA’s ‘entrepreneurial poor’.

These business owners cannot access formal channels of finance, nor have they had the background training to know how to manage the financial aspects of their business, including saving, re-investment, loan repayments, budgeting, inventory management etc. Paradigm Shift addresses these problems through basic, practical, relevant business principles training, providing micro-loans, and enabling side-by-side mentoring of the entrepreneurs by experienced businessmen and women.

The results?

  • Average business income increase of 72% over the initial 20 week programme.
  • Improved product quality and customer service.
  • High rates of employment within communities.
  • Products being exported to the US.
  • 100% loan repayment.

The Paradigm Shift Programme is an example of real economic development is all about.  Forget the ANC Youth League’s notion of economic freedom and ’empowerment’.  Two Americans, a small self-funded staff compliment, and willing local churches are fostering more economic empowerment through this programme than the Youth League will ever achieve in a lifetime of mindless protests and angry complaining.