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Why the World needed 2016 – My interview on Blindspot Podcast

I was interviewed on Blindspot Podcast by host Stephen Reardon. We discussed the economic hangover of the financial crisis, the banning of interest and the revolt against technocratic socialism. We also dug into the political results of 2016 and why it might be good for the world. You’ll really enjoy this conversation.

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A Guide to Political Positions

It is one thing calling upon the state to enforce things that you would also be personally willing to enforce but face technical, physical, cost or efficiency barriers, and quite another hiring the state to be your goon.

2016: A Blow to Technocratic Socialism

In 2016, a fissure opened up in the seemingly impenetrable rockface of stultifying Technocratic Socialism. That is unequivocal progress, but it’s also only the beginning of what is going to be a long, uneven, and probably messy global realignment.

Ben and Holly’s Little Social Commentary

In this episode, the king’s magic money box runs dry and he is forced to provide real services in the economy, at which he fails miserably. In the end, the good people decide it is better for the king to stick to frivolous ceremonial affairs.

The Rand and Politics

If the Reserve Bank is usurped for narrow, corrupt political ends, it has the potential to not only spell doom for the rand but could imperil South Africa’s entire social order in unthinkable ways.